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Dynamic icon?

Come on, Google! How hard can it be to deliver an icon that shows the current date?! Not ‘31’. Thanks!

Best calendar app there is

I’m a die-hard Apple fan, but Apple’s standard calendar app on the iPhone leaves a lot to be desired. I tried several different calendar apps to find what best suited me, and Google Calendar is where it’s at. I love the schedule view, which flows chronologically and even adds cool backgrounds to my events. I love that I can access it on my phone, iPad, and through my browser on the computer. The only suggestion I have is adding compatibility with Outlook calendars since my work email and calendar are through Outlook- literally my only complaint! All in all, it’s super clean, easy to use, and functional.

Awesome Tool!

I wish the goal option laid out the tasks seamlessly then having to bounce back to edit to view them from a collective view. Otherwise, it has a great interface with just the right amount of customization that doesn’t seem too clustered.

Love it, just needs to show tasks

Love the Google Calendar app. Just needs to have tasks viewable. I hope the updates got that feature.

the Name

Color dots are not showing up after creating and event . and yes i checked in the settings. all checked on

Hi there!

I love the app, it’s wonderful! However, I have been experiencing some freezing and crashing. My iOS is up to date and the app is up to date as well. I have a an iPhone 7 Plus. Any suggestions or diagnostic? Thanks

Icon should show today’s date.

Overall, I like this better than apple’s calendar app. But where apple wins is that their calendar app icon shows the actual date, while this one is static. Being able to see the days date at a glance is super useful — if that gets added I would say 5 stars.


"Google calen..." has been out for this long Fix the dang name it looks awful on home screen Would love an apple watch app

So amazing one app ever I love to use the calendar!

So good design and more choice for layout of calendar! More than I use before! It’s so smooth and easy to use than Apple calendar either Microsoft that have not the calendar app. So sad but this is actually good productivity app! Why it is #13 rank and instead should be top 5 ranks!

Not as easy as web calendar

Best I can tell, you can’t add recurring appointments on this app. Also I haven’t found how to search for something. And I haven’t figured out how to reassign an event once created. I think the web calendar is much easier to use.

Date on app

I like the app, but wish it would display the current date on the app button. I like this calendar better than the apple calendar, but can’t use it instead because I rely on being able to see the current date without opening the app.

Better than apple calendars

Not only does this sync with your gmail to add dates and times of other things going on in your lives, but it is amazingly versatile when working with other people. My fiancé and I set this up and now I don’t worry about scheduling things at the same time as other events.

Good but with a learning curve

To those who cant create events that repeat only on weekdays: set it to repeat weekly, then go to the extra option and you can pick which days. You have to manually make it repeat weekly on 5 days of the week.

Google calendar for iPhone

I would like to be able to duplicate an event! I have a lot of events that are the same with a lot of info in the notes section, but the events are not repeating so I have to type all the info ever time I add the app to my calendar. This is a great app!

Life saver

I’d be lost without this all inclusive (business, social, sport events, etc.) google calendar!

Huge life help

Being able to share calendars with other users is the entire reason I’ve used Google calendar for the past 18 months. It’s user friendly and even has features that allow you to share what you want with other users and keep what you want kept private. My only suggestion to improve the app would be to provide a category for “repeat”-type events such as “the 3rd Friday of each month”. As it is right now, hourly, daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly are the options.


If the calendar will allow to set custom view as the desktop version it will be great. Also zooming in to see many full day events in one day is extremely helpful. Calendar 5 does a great job with that, although I love the new UI, we still have to use the calendar 5 at my company because you can see all the events in one day in month view just by zooming in simply. Hope we soon get that ;)


I’m a fan of Google and how I can connect multiple accounts to my calendar; (school and personal). I have one request... can we please have a Watch “complication”?!? It would be SUPER helpful. Great app!

Google is the Best! - Google le meilleur

The best, as always with Google! Le meilleur, comme toujours avec Google!

Please change icon to show current date!

It seems so silly that the app icon is always stuck on “31” ....with the tiny change of having it show the current date, it would be perfect!!!

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