Google Calendar App Reviews

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Fix the glitches!

Freezes constantly, so glitchy. Such a pain!!

Terrible app.

I hate this app. Useless, always shuts down, freezes etc.


This app is horrible with my iPhone 8S. I open it and it almost immediately closes. No updates are available and it’s just junk!!!


I LOVE Google Calendar, but I do NOT like this app. It crashes every 2 seconds, or crashes so badly that I can’t even open it up at all... EVERYTHING I do/have to do is put on my Google Calendar and I hope this app gets fixed :( I periodically check for updates hoping it has one and that’s the issue... but no luck/:

Unstable at its best

Constantly crashes and can barely load the different months. Avoid this app until Google fixes it. Use the web client, its more stable.

What has happened???

Google calendar is awful! I used to love it, but now it won’t scroll on my iPhone and I can’t add events on my iPad. Was this an update problem? Will it get fixed?

Doesn’t work: iPhone 7+ iOS 11.3

Since downloading the app a few months ago to utilize more Google calendar features than the stock iPhone app can offer, I have not been able to even check my schedule. The app freezes the second you open it and you cannot do anything unless you fully close the app. I’ve had to revert to the iPhone calendar app in order to regain full functionality.

Recent builds won’t run on 8+

The last two versions (2.33 and 2.34) won’t run on my iPhone 8+. App will load, attempt to refresh data, then return to home screen. I’ve resorted to using the web interface, which is unpleasant but functional.

Doesn’t work

App seemed to work well enough in 2017. Now I have to install it every time I want to use it. Need to be installed daily. No thanks. I’ll just go online

Used to work great

But completely functionless. So slow and laggy

Totally unusable

Ive had this app for over a year on my current iPhone. Its been going downhill from the beginning. Getting slower and having issues syncing correctly. Fast forward to the past two crashing as soon as you open it. Cant figure out what is going on! Please fix and update for stability.


This app made scheduling things very easy (I’d even say FUN, it was that easy) and convenient but lately it’s moving slowly, lagging, glitching, whatever words that describe it not functioning properly. Please fix it!

Is this really a Google product?

It looks so good when it works. But then a series of what we used to call “abends,” where the app just quits. Trying something exotic? No. Today I tried to delete an appointment from today, then I tried to add one for tomorrow. Five quits in a row. Every time there is an update I hope that maybe this time they’ll fix it right. Not yet.

Keeps crashing on iPhone X

I can’t even use it. Keeps crashing every time I open it on iPhone X. The last two releases have had problems opening app with lots of events. A good work around seems to be re-installing the app.

Extremely Frustrating

There is a ridiculous lag time as you try and scroll through the days. Freezes often. Making changes is impossible—you can try, but it doesn’t actually change anything. Changes only stay when you make them on a computer. The app used to work a lot better, but I’m thinking an update has ruined it.

Love Google Calendar, Used to Love This App

I really wish this app were as good as it used to be. Over the last few months it’s slowed down so much as to be virtually impossible to use. What a bummer. :/

Just an opinion

It would be nice if the app had the actual date showing on the phone instead of 31

Lagging Issues

Simply put: My life revolves around this app. Google Calendar is an app that increases your ability to be productive and have integrity with your time and commitments. However, I simply cannot use this app on my phone. It is lagging, slow, and freezes regularly. I want to be able to use this on my iPhone 7+, but this needs an update badly.

Too free flow yo be a calendar

I can’t use this calendar as it is. To enter an event is incredibly difficult. The lack of usability and a tendency for events to not stay on your calendar if you forget to click a button or check a box is frustrating. And who wants a calendar with a rainbow of colors in the background. The font size doesn’t increase and for me, that’s a killer. Not everyone can read 6pt type. I’ve missed important meetings due to the terrible design for end users. Copy the calendar on iPhones, it’s much easier and less frustrating.

Needs work

Doesn’t function easily.

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