Google Calendar App Reviews

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Why they don’t integrate tasks into the app is beyond me...

This has been a user suggestion for at least 4 years. 4 years of trying to make google integrate the tasks that they have integrated into their web-based calendar to their app. But no. This app would be the absolute perfect solution to all task and calendar organization. I can only hope this gets their attention so that something can be done about it.

Plz fix it up

The app is so heavy lately. Whenever I try to write, it’s frozen and it takes so much time.

Todays date

I miss how my previous calendar would show todays date on the icon. If I’m on my phone and don’t remember what today’s date is I have to turn my phone off and back on so the date pops up. My old calendar app shows today’s date on the app icon.

can not change which calendar event belongs to

only when creating the event i can choose which calendar belongs to

App Icon Date

Please change the icon to change day to day with the date. I would never use my iPhone Calendar is this one simple step is taken.

Copy and paste

Could you put copy and paste in the app? Simple feature that makes the difference

Search does not find past meetings

When I search for a past meeting or event it cannot find it. However, when I use iOS calendar, it can find the past event just fine.

Good, useful, but needs one more feature

On the android version of the app, you can make the day shorter from top to bottom when viewing a week at a time. It’s no end of frustration that I can’t do that in this app. I can’t see my whole day or even most of my day at a glance and it’s super annoying. I have to scroll and scrolling sometimes translates as swiping, so it moves horizontally instead of up and down. So obnoxious. Just a pinch to zoom feature would be GREAT.

Love the sync

I can open it across devices pc ios and android

Please make apple watch app

Im loving this app and how easily I can access it on almost any device I own. However I recently bought an apple watch and was surprised there was no app for Google calendar on it. Please please please make one. One of the reasons I bought this watch was so I could have access to my calendar even if I dont have my phone with me.

Good progress, but...

Still some basic functionality not working, which is odd for Google. For example, editing recurring event reminders just flat out *does not* work, so need to use the web view. I like the visualization this app provides and am trying to use this app instead of the native iOS calendar. I also agree with the sentiment of other reviewers that more polish is required.

Sooooooo slow!

I used to love this app, then something happened with the last few updates. It is so slow now. It constantly seems like it’s freezing and it takes forever to add anything the calendar. Currently looking for other options.


I’m not sure if I’m missing it but I do not get notifications of my reminders and events that I have on my calendar.

Ability to add travel time ... PLEASE

I would like to use this app instead of the default iOS calendar; much as I do for mail. The problem is that I’m hooked on the ability to not only have travel time included, but to also set alerts based on when I need to leave. Add this feature and the stars will ever be in your favor.

Overall great... but

Love my Google Calendar, but I wish I could simply add a note and not have to always create an event for that day. Sometimes you just wanna write something down and it’s not an event. I’ve attempted to download other apps with feature, but it’s annoying having to repeat your information on multiple apps just for one thing... So I a note category/option would be appreciated ?

No tasks on app!!??!!

Your tasks don’t show up on the app how stupid!!!! It’s also very unuser friendly and hard to customize for my very busy schedule!!!

Sad if you use Subscribed Calendars

This calendar is way better than the native iOS calendar however it lacks a critical feature for me —the ability to show a Subscribed Calendar, like the popular TripIt. This renders it incomplete and therefor useless. I’ve tried workarounds in an effort to use this one because I love the month view Google Calendar offers so much more than the native iOS app but I can’t use the Google Calendar because I cannot see all the information I need in it. iOS lacks the view I prefer but has all the calendars and information I need including Subscribed ones.

Please update to iPhone X screen

I love this app. I use it for all of my classes and everyday tasks. Please update ASAP

MissingiOS calendar integration

The app description talks about being able to access all calendars on iOS but the app supports only google account calendars.

Bring back some of the old calendar’s features or I’m going paper

New version needlessly is cumbersome and inelegant. Entering new “events” is belabored and lacks any intuitive gesture— too often I end up unknowingly entering the wrong date, or having to give up putting in an address out of frustration for the amount of time required. Home screen doesn’t reflect today’s date meaning that, if your phone is unlocked, you have to open app to find the date. I hate this version!

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